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Enforcer Reach Stackers

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Moving Mast Walkie Reach StackerReach stackers provide the versatility you need for load transport as well as stacking and racking functions on a broad range of skids, pallets and containers.

Enforcer Reach Stackers combine the adaptability of a reach truck with the compact structure of a powered walkie stacker that doesn’t require a forklift licence. They are highly suitable for transporting loads around limited retail storage areas, weight restricted ramps and elevators, and other sections where specialised operations are required. You can choose from the different enforcer stacker models based on the size and type of loads you normally work with, space constraints and floor conditions within your facility, as well as expected runtimes and other usage specifications.

All Enforcer stackers feature high-visibility masts that provide a clear view of the fork tips and a wider work area for increased safety and confidence when handling various load types. You can navigate with ease and let your reach stacker do all the work for you!

Enforcer is the name to trust for utmost performance and efficiency on various material handling tasks including home depot stocking, trailer loading and unloading, dockside operations and general warehousing.  

Call 1300 423 675 or email Enforcer today to get more information on the Enforcer Reach Stacker product range.

Enforcer Reach Trucks

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Where storage and distribution are the heart of your operations, Enforcer reach trucks assure maximum efficiency in your day-to-day narrow aisle applications.

Enforcer Reach Trucks provide excellent acceleration and manoeuvrability to deliver fast working cycles at very low operating costs. Choose from a comprehensive range of chassis and mast configurations available to suit your particular work environment. With load capacities of up to 2 tons, Enforcer reach trucks are perfect for drive-in racking or block stacking, particularly in confined areas where storage space is at a premium.

Using advanced AC power and technology, superb braking and lifting performance the Enforcer reach trucks comfortably lift to the highest racking heights. Our reach trucks are also equipped with superior ergonomics and intuitive controls to give your operators the edge in a broad array of load handling applications.

Enforcer is fast becoming the name to trust when it comes to getting the best value for your money on your forklift purchase. Check out Enforcer’s easy and flexible forklift ownership programs to learn more on how you can get an Enforcer reach truck working for your business today.

Call 1300 423 675 or email Enforcer for more information!

Interest Free Reach Truck Financing

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Why choose our INTEREST FREE Reach Truck financing:

  • Pay only 30% upfront for a new reach truck and the balance over 2 years interest-free.
  • Deposits from just $3,000 +gst for a brand new Enforcer walkie stacker.
  • Deposits from just $5,000 +gst for a brand new 2.5 tonne diesel 3m mast Enforcer forklift.
  • We can start arranging delivery of your reach truck as soon as you sign the paperwork and pay the deposit.
  • Pay the balance over 2 years interest-free with easy monthly instalments.
  • These instalments are much cheaper than most normal reach truck hire rates, plus you get complete ownership at the end.
  • There are no lump sum final payouts or hidden exit fees at completion.
  • Plus our 5-Year Parts & Labour Warranty on all new reach truck purchases.
  • We have 100s of Interest Free program customers and growing.

In summary, get into a new reach truck with a low deposit then pay it off easily over 2 years without any interest penalties.

Rent To Own Reach Truck Forklifts

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Why choose Rent To Own for your reach truck purchase:

  • Simply pay a low weekly instalments over a 4 year period and the reach truck is all yours.
  • This weekly rate is much cheaper than most normal reach truck hire rates, plus you own the asset at the end.
  • We can start arranging delivery of your reach truck as soon as you sign the paperwork.
  • There are no large upfront costs and initial security deposits are fully refunded.
  • There are no lump sum final payouts or hidden exit fees at completion.
  • Rent To Own is available on both new and used reach trucks.
  • Plus our 5 Year Parts &  Labour Warranty on new reach trucks.
  • Plus our 1 Year Parts &  Labour Warranty on used reach trucks.
  • We have 1,000+ Rent To Own program customers and growing.

In summary, save money each week and at the end you actually own the reach truck!

Walkie Stackers from $69/week (+gst) – Forklifts from $95/week (+gst).

Hire, Try, Buy Your Reach Truck Forklift

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Enjoy a fully maintained reach truck hire with the option to buy at any time for up to 50% off the buy price.

Why Should You HIRE-TRY-BUY Your Next Reach Truck:

  • Keep your hire or purchase options open.
  • Ideal if you need a reach truck now but don’t have enough cash to buy one just yet.
  • Great choice if you’re not entirely sure what reach truck you will need in the future.
  • Extremely competitive reach truck hire rates.
  • ForkForce covers all maintenance costs.
  • No large upfront costs or capital outlay.
  • No costly depreciation to worry about.
  • You hold the option to buy the machine at any time – or just return the unit when the hire agreement ends.
  • If you do decide to buy during the hire term, you can get a rebate of up to 50% off the pre-agreed buy price.
  • All this is fully agreed and clearly spelt out upfront so both parties always know exactly where they stand during the hire.
  • Reach truck upgrades are also available during the agreement without any penalties.
  • We have 100s of Hire-Try-Buy program customers and growing.

And if you do decide to purchase while on a Hire-Try-Buy agreement:

  • 5-Year Parts & Labour Warranty on new reach trucks and forklifts.
  • 1-Year Parts & Labour Warranty on used reach trucks and forklifts.

In summary, keep your options open by hiring your reach truck at a very competitive rate, and if you like it – buy it for a great pre-agreed price.

Walkie Stackers from $69 per week + gst
Forklifts from $95 per week + gst

Crown Reach Truck Forklifts

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If you are currently in the market for a forklift or forklift units then you might want to consider looking into Crown reach truck forklifts. Reach trucks are equipment that help you lift, transport and place supplies in tall shelving units. Reach truck forklifts are frequently used in warehouses or any area that involves storage structures.

What are the benefits of buying a Crown reach truck forklift?

Crown reach truck forklifts feature several technologies that give Crown an edge over other materials handling equipment manufacturers. Some of these technologies are:

  • Access 123 Comprehensive Control System

Access 123 is Crown’s trademarked technology that allows Crown reach truck operators to customise the lift truck’s performance levels and systems—making the reach truck suitable for the specific job at hand.

  • OnTrac Anti-Slip Traction Control

If your materials handling operation often involves moving supplies inside a warehouse with wet or slippery floor then you will certainly find Crown’s OnTrac Anti-Slip Traction Control feature extremely helpful. This technology prevents tire slipping and spinning even on a slick or wet surface.

  • One-Touch Rack Height Select, Tilt Position Assist

These two features of Crown reach truck forklifts provide operators with greater control over how to position the reach truck’s forks. As a result, risk of product, pallet or truck damage is greatly minimised.

If you wish to learn more about Crown reach truck forklifts or other reach truck brands then you might wish to contact Fork Force. Fork Force is a leading Australian forklift dealer that carries both new and used materials handling equipment. Since Fork Force is not associated with any particular reach truck forklift manufacturer, customers are given unbiased recommendations when it comes to the equipment they need.. Get in touch with Fork Force today by calling 1300-42-3675

Hyster Reach Truck Forklifts

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If you are running a business that requires you to transport and store supplies in a warehouse then your operation obviously needs reach truck forklift units. Hyster reach truck forklifts are among the most popular brands of reach truck equipment and should certainly be among your options when searching for reach truck forklifts.

Hyster’s History

Hyster is a manufacturing company that dates as far back as the 1920’s. Formerly known as Willamette Iron & Steel, Hyster started out as a manufacturer of machinery used by lumber handling operations. During the 1930’s, Hyster began constructing straddler carriers that featured forks. These machines were actually early models of forklift trucks. Today, Hyster carries more than a hundred forklift models, including reach truck forklifts.

Some Features of Hyster Reach Trucks

  • AC Power. The AC System allows Hyster reach trucks to provide maximum performance during operations. For instance, the AC hoist system lets you maximise the truck’s lift at a lower speed. There is also the AC traction system that helps the unit transition from one direction to another seamlessly.
  • CANBus Communication System. Hyster reach truck forklifts are also equipped with CANBus Communication Systems. This feature cuts down electrical connections and wiring so that diagnostics are performed on a real-time basis.
  • Automatic Brake Operation. Unlike standard reach trucks where the operator needs to manually apply the brake in order to stop the machine, Hyster reach trucks have an automatic brake operation. When the reach truck becomes stationary, the brake is automatically applied.
  • Thermal Management System. Overheating is a common problem among reach truck forklifts. Hyster addresses this problem with its thermal management system which protects the machine’s controllers and motors from overheating.

To learn more about Hyster reach trucks and decide if they are the best choice for your materials handling operation, contact Fork Force at 1300-42-3675. Fork Force is one of the biggest and most reputable forklift dealers in Australia and have a fleet of hundreds of forklift units for sale and for hire.

Walkie Reach Stacker

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A walkie reach stacker is a type of equipment that is indispensable to business applications that require you to elevate, transport and store pallets of goods within a storage space. Walkie reach stackers are also known as pallet stackers. Since these machines will be used regularly in your materials handling operation, a lot of thought must be put into choosing the right reach stacker for your needs.

Types of Pallet Stackers

There are two main types of pallet stackers available today. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with both types so you can decide which one is better for you.

  • Manual Walkie Reach Stacker

For loads that weigh one ton or lower, manual pallet stackers are the ideal choice. Manual reach stackers make use of hydraulic and hand-powered operation. In order to move the machine to its desired location, the operator will need to use muscle power to pull or push the jack. To raise the forks attached to the stacker, the operator will also have to pump the foot pedal and use the handle for navigation. Manual reach stackers are also best used in warehouses with smooth floor surfaces.

  • Electric Walkie Reach Stacker

If your application involves lifting heavier loads that reach up to five tons then an electric pallet stacker is a better choice for you. Electric reach stackers are equipped with an electro-hydraulic system in order to lift pallets. To heave and lower the fork, all the operator needs to do is push the button. Moving the stacker forward, putting it on reverse or steering it towards any direction can be done by simply turning the handle.

Since operation of the electric walkie stacker is mostly automatic, the operator experiences less physical strain. Electric stackers are also ideal for navigating rough or uneven ground.

Finding a Walkie Reach Stacker Dealer

Once you have decided between a manual reach stacker and an electric one, it’s time to find a reputable dealer that can help you find the right stacker for your application. With over a decade of experience in the forklift industry, ForkForce carries a wide range of both new and used walkie reach stackers including their new Enforcer Walkie Reach Stacker range.

Aside from the usual buy or rent offers, Fork Force also provides customers with other options such as long-term hire, short-term hire, rent to own and hire-try-buy. To get in touch with Fork Force, dial 1300-42-3675 today.

Electric Reach Stacker

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An electric reach stacker is one of the two types of reach stackers available today, the other type being a manual reach stacker. As you know, reach stackers or pallet stackers are used in any materials handling operation that requires lifting, delivering and stacking pallets of goods.

Features of an Electric Reach Stacker

Below are some of the common features of an electric reach stacker:

  • Usually equipped with an electro-hydraulic system that makes it possible to lift and lower down the forks.
  • Features a throttle or a handle that helps control the machine’s directions, such as moving it forward or putting it on reverse.

  • Typically powered with a battery pack that allows the unit to run for several hours before needing to be recharged.

Benefits of an Electric Reach Stacker

  • Greater lift capacity. If your application requires you to lift loads that weigh more than a ton then an electric reach stacker is the ideal choice for you. Compared to manual pallet stackers that are designed for lighter loads, electric reach stackers have a higher lift capacity.
  • Will not require a smooth floor surface. Unlike manual reach stackers that can only be operated on a smooth surface, an electric pallet stacker can easily manoeuvrer through rough or uneven ground.
  • Less physical demands on the operator. The operator of an electric reach stacker will also exert much less muscle power in order to run the machine.
  • Less fossil fuel consumption. The fact that electric reach stackers depend less on gasoline is not only good for the environment but also leads to a more quiet operation.

Whether you are looking to buy or rent an electric reach stacker, Fork Force is a dealer that can help you find the right machine for your application. Fork Force offers a wide range of both new and used reach stackers that are available for Australia-wide delivery. If you prefer to rent or hire a unit instead, you can choose between Fork Force’s Rent-To-Own and Hire-Try-Buy options. For inquiries, dial 1300-42-3675.