About Narrow Aisle Reach Forklifts

What are narrow aisle reach forklifts?

As the name suggests narrow aisle reach trucks allow you to manoeuvre between narrow aisles. The electric forklift is suited for indoor use and the operator has the flexibility to sit or stand. Very Narrow Aisle trucks are also available which are high-rack systems with a reach of up to 14 metres and can operate in aisles as narrow as 1.4 metres in width.

In what situations do they come in handy?

Narrow aisle reach trucks are primarily used for stacking or retrieval from racking in warehouses, cold storage or retail. The whole mast of a reach truck can move back and forth with the cargo thus reducing the need of physically driving and reversing the truck while stacking.

Where can you find a narrow aisle reach forklift for sale?

High lift and narrow aisle reach trucks are for more specialised and purpose built operations can also be organised for sale or hire. Fork Force stocks Australia’s most comprehensive range of new and used forklifts for sale. Several hundred available in stock at any time across all major brands including Crown, Toyota, Nissan, Hyster, Yale, TCM, Linde, Clark Komatsu and more. Just call 1300 4A FORK now for more information.