Crown Reach Truck Forklifts

If you are currently in the market for a forklift or forklift units then you might want to consider looking into Crown reach truck forklifts. Reach trucks are equipment that help you lift, transport and place supplies in tall shelving units. Reach truck forklifts are frequently used in warehouses or any area that involves storage structures.


What are the benefits of buying a Crown reach truck forklift?


Crown reach truck forklifts feature several technologies that give Crown an edge over other materials handling equipment manufacturers. Some of these technologies are:


  • Access 123 Comprehensive Control System

Access 123 is Crown’s trademarked technology that allows Crown reach truck operators to customise the lift truck’s performance levels and systems—making the reach truck suitable for the specific job at hand.


  • OnTrac Anti-Slip Traction Control

If your materials handling operation often involves moving supplies inside a warehouse with wet or slippery floor then you will certainly find Crown’s OnTrac Anti-Slip Traction Control feature extremely helpful. This technology prevents tire slipping and spinning even on a slick or wet surface.


  • One-Touch Rack Height Select, Tilt Position Assist

These two features of Crown reach truck forklifts provide operators with greater control over how to position the reach truck’s forks. As a result, risk of product, pallet or truck damage is greatly minimised.


If you wish to learn more about Crown reach truck forklifts or other reach truck brands then you might wish to contact Fork Force. Fork Force is a leading Australian forklift dealer that carries both new and used materials handling equipment. Since Fork Force is not associated with any particular reach truck forklift manufacturer, customers are given unbiased recommendations when it comes to the equipment they need.. 

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