Hyster Reach Truck Forklifts

If you are running a business that requires you to transport and store supplies in a warehouse then your operation obviously needs reach truck forklift units. Hyster reach truck forklifts are among the most popular brands of reach truck equipment and should certainly be among your options when searching for reach truck forklifts.


Hyster’s History


Hyster is a manufacturing company that dates as far back as the 1920’s. Formerly known as Willamette Iron & Steel, Hyster started out as a manufacturer of machinery used by lumber handling operations. During the 1930’s, Hyster began constructing straddler carriers that featured forks. These machines were actually early models of forklift trucks. Today, Hyster carries more than a hundred forklift models, including reach truck forklifts.


Some Features of Hyster Reach Trucks


  • AC Power. The AC System allows Hyster reach trucks to provide maximum performance during operations. For instance, the AC hoist system lets you maximise the truck’s lift at a lower speed. There is also the AC traction system that helps the unit transition from one direction to another seamlessly.
  • CANBus Communication System. Hyster reach truck forklifts are also equipped with CANBus Communication Systems. This feature cuts down electrical connections and wiring so that diagnostics are performed on a real-time basis.
  • Automatic Brake Operation. Unlike standard reach trucks where the operator needs to manually apply the brake in order to stop the machine, Hyster reach trucks have an automatic brake operation. When the reach truck becomes stationary, the brake is automatically applied.
  • Thermal Management System. Overheating is a common problem among reach truck forklifts. Hyster addresses this problem with its thermal management system which protects the machine’s controllers and motors from overheating.


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