Crown Walkie Reach Stacker

If you are looking for a reach stacker to use in your load lifting operation then the Crown walkie reach stacker should certainly be among your options. Crown carries a wide range of reach stackers that are all designed to meet the varied demands of different industries and operations. Crown allows its customers to choose the right reach stacker based on several factors such as load requirements, floor conditions and more.

Below are some of the reach stacker models that Crown offers:

WF 300 Series

  • Large, durable and built for heavy-duty and long-term use.
  • Comes with a lifetime chassis warranty.
  • Has a load capacity of up to 1200 kg.
  • Suitable for congested workspaces

M Series

  • Compact built which enables it to navigate cramped or tight spaces.
  • Low maintenance costs.

WB Series

  • Versatile load capacity: 900 kg, 1350 kg and 1800 kg.
  • Heavy-duty and cost-efficient.

ST 3000 Series

  • Entry-level walkie stacker with low price.

SX 3000 Series

  • Entry-level price.
  • Suitable for applications that have greater load requirements.
  • Conserves more power so the unit has a longer runtime before needing a recharge.

WD 2300S Model

  • Double stacker with 2000 kg load capacity.
  • Features side restraints in the folding platform, allowing the operator to navigate congested spaces.

SHR 5500 Series

  • Flexible load capacity: 1100 kg, 1350 kg and 1600 kg
  • Equipped with electronic power steering which reduces physical demand on the operator.
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