Narrow Aisle Reach

A narrow aisle reach, also known as a narrow aisle forklift, is a type of equipment used in lifting, transporting and placing pallets on storage shelves. As implied by its name, a narrow aisle reach is ideal for navigating narrow spaces such as those found in retail establishments and some warehouses.


Features of A Narrow Aisle Reach


  • Rubber tires that are smaller than those of a regular reach truck so that the unit is easier to manoeuvre .

  • Small cockpit where the operator generally stands up rather than sits down. The smaller cockpit allows the body of the reach truck to be shorter and narrower.

  • An electric engine. An electric engine allows the reach truck to operate quietly and without producing any fumes, making the narrow aisle reach ideal for retail spaces where there are customers present.

  • Usually comes with several lift attachments. One common example is a sideshifter. A sideshifter is a set of blades that is not only able to move up and down but also side to side. This eliminates the need to rotate the entire machine when you need to place the pallet several inches to the right or left.

Finding a Narrow Aisle Reach Dealer

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