Electric Reach Stacker

An electric reach stacker is one of the two types of reach stackers available today, the other type being a manual reach stacker. As you know, reach stackers or pallet stackers are used in any materials handling operation that requires lifting, delivering and stacking pallets of goods.

enforcer electric reach stacker


Below are some of the common features that you will find on a electric reach stacker:

  • Usually equipped with an electro-hydraulic system that makes it possible to lift and lower down the forks.
  • Features a throttle or a handle that helps control the machine’s directions, such as moving it forward or putting it on reverse.

  • Typically powered with a battery pack that allows the unit to run for several hours before needing to be recharged.

Benefits of an Electric Reach Stacker

  • Greater lift capacity. If your application requires you to lift loads that weigh more than a ton then an electric reach stacker is the ideal choice for you. Compared to manual pallet stackers that are designed for lighter loads, electric reach stackers have a higher lift capacity.
  • Will not require a smooth floor surface. Unlike manual reach stackers that can only be operated on a smooth surface, an electric pallet stacker can easily manoeuvre through rough or uneven ground.
  • Less physical demands on the operator. The operator of an will also exert much less muscle power in order to run the machine.
  • Less fossil fuel consumption. Not needing to depend on gasoline anymore is not only good for the environment but also leads to a more quiet operation perfect for reducing workplace noise.

Fork Force offers a wide range of both new and used reach stackers that are available for Australia-wide delivery. If you prefer to rent or hire a unit instead, you can choose between Fork Force’s Rent-To-Own and Hire-Try-Buy options. For inquiries, dial 1300-42-3675.