Reach Trucks For Sale – Tips on Buying Reach Trucks

If you are currently looking into reach trucks for sale then there are several things that you need to consider before buying a reach truck. First, keep in mind that there are several reach truck models available in the market today. You might want to familiarize yourself with these models to find which one is right for your business operations.

What are the different types of reach trucks?

  • Standing reach truck. A standing reach truck is basically your simple reach truck designed to perform the standard functions of the unit. It has forks that are designed to go under the pallets, transport them to the storage location and slide them into the shelving units. If you are using the standard shelving structure that accommodates a single pallet of goods then a standing reach truck is your best bet.
  • Double-deep reach truck. If your shelving units are deep enough to contain two pallets then you should consider getting a double-deep reach truck. This reach truck has long telescopic forks that can reach way into the back of the shelving section. This eliminates the need to push a pallet back to make room for a second one.
  • Straddle reach truck. A straddle reach truck is not just designed to go under the pallet of goods—it is also equipped with features that allow it to grasp the sides of the pallet. This type of reach truck is useful if you have shelving units that are wide enough to accommodate more than two pallets.

What should you look for in a reach truck dealer?

No matter what model of reach truck you are planning to buy and whether you wish to purchase a brand new unit or a used one, it’s important to buy your reach truck from a reputable dealer. Fork Force, for instance, has been enjoying more than a decade of excellent reputation in the industry. It has a wide fleet of both new and used forklift trucks, reach trucks and other related equipment.

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