Moving Mast Walkie Reach Stacker

Enforcer Reach Stackers

Moving Mast Walkie Reach StackerReach stackers provide the versatility you need for load transport as well as stacking and racking functions on a broad range of skids, pallets and containers.

Enforcer Reach Stackers combine the adaptability of a reach truck with the compact structure of a powered walkie stacker that doesn’t require a forklift licence. They are highly suitable for transporting loads around limited retail storage areas, weight restricted ramps and elevators, and other sections where specialised operations are required. You can choose from the different enforcer stacker models based on the size and type of loads you normally work with, space constraints and floor conditions within your facility, as well as expected runtimes and other usage specifications.

All Enforcer stackers feature high-visibility masts that provide a clear view of the fork tips and a wider work area for increased safety and confidence when handling various load types. You can navigate with ease and let your reach stacker do all the work for you!

Enforcer is the name to trust for utmost performance and efficiency on various material handling tasks including home depot stocking, trailer loading and unloading, dockside operations and general warehousing.  

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