Enforcer Reach Trucks

Where storage and distribution are the heart of your operations, Enforcer reach trucks assure maximum efficiency in your day-to-day narrow aisle applications.

Enforcer Reach Trucks provide excellent acceleration and manoeuvrability to deliver fast working cycles at very low operating costs. Choose from a comprehensive range of chassis and mast configurations available to suit your particular work environment. With load capacities of up to 2 tons, Enforcer reach trucks are perfect for drive-in racking or block stacking, particularly in confined areas where storage space is at a premium.

Using advanced AC power and technology, superb braking and lifting performance the Enforcer reach trucks comfortably lift to the highest racking heights. Our reach trucks are also equipped with superior ergonomics and intuitive controls to give your operators the edge in a broad array of load handling applications.

Enforcer is fast becoming the name to trust when it comes to getting the best value for your money on your forklift purchase. Check out Enforcer’s easy and flexible forklift ownership programs to learn more on how you can get an Enforcer reach truck working for your business today.

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