High Reach Forklifts – Functions and Benefits of a High Reach Forklift

What is a high reach forklift?

Also known as telehandler forklifts, high reach forklifts are designed to lift loads higher than a standard forklift can. A high reach forklift also has the ability to navigate rough outdoor terrains, thanks to its pneumatic tyres. This ability makes high reach forklifts ideal for outdoor use such as road construction sites, agricultural settings and such.

However, one of the drawbacks of a high reach forklift is that it is also larger than an average forklift. Because of this, this unit is not entirely ideal for tight spaces.

What are the benefits of a high reach forklift?

Obviously, the main benefit of a high reach forklift is that it can offer you a greater reach capacity. This is extremely helpful if your materials handling operation requires you to lift loads to a certain height that a standard forklift won’t be able to reach. Many high reach forklift models also have a sensor feature that automatically turns off the lift when it reaches a critical height. This is because the forklift truck becomes less stable the higher and farther away the lift gets from it.

Where can you buy or rent a high reach forklift?

Whether you are looking for a new or used high reach forklift, ForkForce is a dealer that can meet your needs with their range of Enforcer High Reach Reach. The experts at ForkForce will carefully evaluate your materials handling operational needs, budget constraints and product preferences in order to determine the best high reach forklift for you. Get in touch with Fork Force today by calling 1300-42-3675.