Reach Stackers – Functions and Benefits of a Reach Stacker

Reach stackers are machines that are used in several industries that require the lifting, transportation and storage of pallets of goods. Reach stackers are usually operated within warehouses that are equipped with tall storage shelves. Due to the height of the storage units and the weight of the pallets, manually lifting and moving the pallets become virtually impossible. Thus, reach stackers or pallet stackers become necessary.

Functions of a Reach Stacker

There are two main types of reach stackers available today—manual reach stackers and electric reach stackers. Both types of reach stackers have some basic componenents. Obviously, the reach stacker will be equipped with forks that are designed to slip under the pallet, lift it to the desired height then place it neatly in its position in the storage shelf.

As implied by the name, a manual reach stacker requires the operator’s muscle power in order to run. Manual reach stackers are best used for lighter loads and within warehouses that have smooth floor surfaces. For greater load capacity, consider using an electric reach stacker instead. Since electric reach stackers run on automatic power, it is less physically demanding on the operator.

Benefits of a Reach Stacker

  • Reach stackers do not emit waste which makes them ideal for indoor use. Not only does this eliminate the need to dispose of any gas afterwards but reach stackers also won’t emit any noise or fumes.

  • Today’s reach stackers come in a variety of models which makes it easier for you to find the right stacker for your specific application.

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