Double Reach Forklift

A double reach forklift, also known as a deep reach telescopic truck, is now a common piece of equipment used in warehouses, distribution centres and other operations that require the use of storage spaces.


What Is A Double Reach Forklift?


What is a double reach forklift and how does it lead to a more economical use of storage space?


  • Basically, a double reach forklift is equipped with a telescopic fork that has a deeper reach into a storage shelf. For instance, let’s say that you have a storage unit equipped with levels that are two pallets deep. Upon being placed on the shelf, the two pallets will be positioned side by side.

  • A double reach forklift will allow you to place a pallet on the farther side of the shelf. This eliminates the need to lift the pallet from the other side of the storage aisle.

  • A double reach forklift therefore allows you to maximise warehouse space. Since you are able to place two pallets from a single side of the storage structure, you can now free up more aisle space by placing storage structures side by side or even against the wall.


Where to Rent or Buy a Double Reach Forklift


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