Reach Trucks Brisbane

If you are running a materials handling operation that requires you to load and unload trailers, stack pallets of goods and perform other similar applications then reach trucks are a definite requirement in your line of business.

Whether you are planning to buy or rent a reach truck, Fork Force is a dealer that can help you with your equipment needs. Fork Force is one of the biggest and most reputable forklift dealers in the country. Although its headquarters are located right in Brisbane, Fork Force offers delivery to every major city in Australia.

Fork Force boasts a wide range of both new and used reach truck forklifts—from Pramac pedestrian stackers to Crown walkie reach stackers. Fork Force’s in-house experts will carefully evaluate your needs and help you choose which reach truck model will meet your requirements. Fork Force reach trucks for rent are available for short-term or long-term hire. If you wish to have your own reach truck unit but do not have enough funds to purchase one right away, you may also try Fork Force’s rent-to-own option where you get to rent the unit for a certain time period before you can rightfully own it. You may also opt for the hire-try-buy option if you want the alternative of not buying the unit after your rental term.

For more inquiries, call Fork Force at 1300-42-3675.