Reach Trucks Adelaide

If you are looking for a new or used reach truck in the area of Adelaide then Fork Force may just be the reach truck dealer that you are looking for. Fork Force is one of Australia’s largest distributors of reach trucks, forklift units and other materials handling equipment. It carries all the major reach truck brands such as Hyster, Crown and Pramac.

Whether you are looking to hire or purchase a reach truck for your operation, Fork Force can cater to your needs. It offers low-cost delivery to locations all over Australia including the city of Adelaide. If you are not yet ready to purchase a reach truck unit, you can opt for a short-term or long-term hire instead. Fork Force also features the hire-try-buy program where you have the option of renting the unit for a set period of time before deciding whether you will buy it or not. Meanwhile, the rent-to-own option allows you to own the reach truck outright after a set rental period. This lets you pay affordable rental fees while making a significant investment.

To learn more about reach trucks and other materials handling equipment that are available at Fork Force, dial 1300-42-3675 for a free quote today.